US PATENT# 7597910


The compositions and methods of US # PATENT 7597910 are endorsed by Jonathan David Lake, Cancer survivor.  Cannabis is the main ingredient in the documented Cancer Eradication Invention.

We are ready for our registered Delaware company to cultivate,  perform research and development and CREATE JOBS for US VETERANS AND MORE! It is also the creators wishes to see all people who need the medicine and cannot afford it, will still receive it.

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  1. Tommie Little

    The state is hiring an investigator to start Med M and growing will commence July 1 2014. First in Kent then one in each County

    1. Bill Ward

      Tommie: My son lives in CO and he has not invested in this because of a concern about being in the middle of litigation. As we have discussed, I would have interest if you can create an entity that protects the investors. Bill

  2. Dr. Bob

    Bill, Dr. Bob here. There are no for sure things in investing but the U.S. Federally issued patent Mr. Lake’s company holds allows cultivation for medical research and clinical trials.

    The best of us in business here in Colorado with millions of dollars invested do not have that federal level of protection.

    All of our blessings to you in green Delaware

  3. Ricky

    Love ur research. big fan

  4. Mammie

    I enjoy reading an article that can make men and women
    think. Also, thanks for allowing for me to comment!

  5. Rickie

    Incredible points. Outstanding arguments. Keep up the amazing work.


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